Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Morning Song

This morning I woke up with a song going through my head.  ‘Your love amazes me’.  I love it when the Lord wakes me up with a song.  In fact, morning is a favorite time of day for me.  I love to wake up and open my sliding glass doors while the darkness of night is still there.  The birds are chirping and armadillos and raccoons are scurrying away to their beds.  The cool air is refreshing and my coffee seems to taste better at this time of day.

Many mornings I awaken Shermy and we take our thermos to the ocean shore and watch the sun come up.  I am spoiled to be living in a beautiful place.  Yet, I’ve come to realize that God can show us beauty no matter where we live.  As we look through His eyes, we can be amazed to see the world in a different light.

The back yard looks a little gloomy before the sun comes up.  It might even be scary for some because they cannot see what’s out there.  A rustle of leaves might give them an occasion to worry that harm is coming.  Yet, the Father has shown me not to be afraid of the darkness.  He is there.  In fact, as we walk through the many dark places of our life we can rest assured that He is there.

He shows me the beauty and wonder as I awaken to a new day.  I can enjoy the journey through the dark places of life knowing that He guides me through it all.  The darkness of the world bends when a ray of light shines through.  As the sun peeks over the distant skies, I see colors start to take shape.  It is much the same with our walk through life.   We have a choice as to how to respond to the darkness.  We can grow weary and shrink away…or we can enjoy the journey into a brighter tomorrow.

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