Friday, June 1, 2012

Listen for Him

I often awake before the sun comes out. Today is no different.  Often, I speak of my small patio.  It is indeed so small that only two chairs can fit sandwiched between the many outdoor plants my husband cares for.  I do not mind the small space.  It is a wonderful place to meet the day with a cup of coffee.

There is nothing more refreshing than sitting out watching a soft early morning rain.  The birds are singing and frogs croaking to the beat of splashing raindrops.  I hear raccoons chattering in a distance and the sound of sandhill cranes does not miss my ears.  My jasmine plant seems to be spraying the air with a wonderful aroma mixed with the smell of the wet grass.

Locusts are trilling as the gray sky looms above.  Yet, there is only one sound that I am listening for today.  The sound of my savior's voice.  My prayer list is set aside as I sit and wait on the Lord. 

'Be still and know that I am God' I seem to hear this morning.  The stock markets are a mess, war is going on, the jobless rate is horrible and we know not what tomorrow will bring.  Disaster or joy, God is still the same.

I will be still.   I often joke, 'Joy comes in the morning.'  Well, it's always morning somewhere.

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