Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing 'Olivia's Corner' Children's Videos

God is always about a new thing.  Change is the only thing we can count on with God...and He never changes.  This past month the Lord has spoken to me about the use of videos to help little children learn about the bible So far, I have put two videos on this blog.  I have incorrporated my pet
'Sugar' the lovebird as I simply sit in my favorite rocking chair and give a 3-4 minute story.  This is not rocket science folks.  After a few minutes the attention span of a child wanders.  Yet, they love animals and my lovebird is not camera shy.  I'm praying God will be magnified as His story goes around the world.  'Sugar' and I are not the star of this blog, we are simply tools.  What tools or talents has God given you to magnify Him?  Go on, use it for His glory!  God loves to use the things that are not to confound the wise.  I do not know how often I will tell a story.  I've learned a long time ago not to set limits with God.  One thing I do know, if God can use a simple Gramma like me...you have endless possibilities!!  I have named this little project after my grand daughter.  'Olivia's Corner'!

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