Saturday, May 19, 2012

I love you most of all

I love you in the morning, before darkness turns to day

The beauty of your sunrise, takes my breath away

I love you in the afternoon when sun warms up my skin

I love to hear your birds as they cherish the world they're in

I love you in the evening when darkness returns to nest

The gift of another quiet time when I can go to rest

I love you on a summer's day when I picnic in the park

The warmth of a summer's evening as I visit you in the dark

I love you in the autumn with leaves of gold and yellow

The crisp cool air brings warmer clothes and I begin to mellow

I love you in the winter when snow blankets the ground

Soft wet flakes cover the world and never make a sound

I love you on a spring day the smell of fresh cut grass

You pour a blanket of flowers that perfume me at last

When thunder rolls and lightening lights the sky

I love your creative artwork for such a one as I

I love to hear the raindrops as they splatter on wet leaves

The sound of creatures calling out, frogs and birds and bees

I love you in times of laughter and special time with friends

You've taught me to enjoy all things as your love never ends

So, in times of dark and cold despair I fear no chance of fall

For I am still your child oh Lord, I love you most of all

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry. I love it! I can almost hear your giggle and see you big smile looking up to Jesus and loving Him. I'm so glad I found you in the blog world.