Thursday, May 3, 2012

How do you stop the raindrops

How do you stop the rain from falling on pastures green?
How can my heart keep  calling, to one who is unseen?
I hear your voice and touch your face when others barely see
The most beautiful sound I've ever heard is when you speak to me.

Your power and your glory, too awesome for my mind
Yet, in the midst of amazing strength, your gentleness I find
The most intricate of flowers, born from your very hand
I see your bright creations all through this troubled land

The one who has the power to take me to heaven one day
Surely can hold this captive heart and care for me today
A virgin birth in Bethlehem is believed without a doubt
Yet for the every day affairs, we think you won't carry out

To not know of our tomorrows, to have faith in just your name
Comes from memories of you, and I  marvel just the same
The wonders of what you've done before are still before me now
It gives me hope of my tomorrows without me knowing how

For I can't fathem how you stop the rain from falling on pastures green
Nor can I imagine why you've made flowers with fragrance yet unseen
My eyes still fail to grasp the ' how'  of all you  do
But, I'll not waste a moment's peace that I receive from you

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