Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't Forget


Life is seldom dull for the middle aged couple as they love to be on the go. Sometimes though, they forget little things in their rush to to get to their destinations.

They were stopped once when a policemen saw Shermy was driving without his seatbelt on. Later, upon checking his driver's license and registration...Shermy realized he hadn't put his new registration papers in the well as not having his wallet with his driver's license.

Each time they went to the door, Weezy would ask Shermy 'Do you have …?'

One afternoon they had gone to a restaurant and finished their meal only to realize that neither had their wallets. A red faced couple explained what happened and went home to grab their wallet and returned promptly to pay the bill.

Shermy works in the plant section of a local hardware chain. He came home soaking wet a few times so Weezy made him take an extra shirt...just in case.

Another time, Weezy tried to reach her husband several times only to find his cell phone going to voice mail. He had forgotten to turn it on. Yet another time, it sounded off on the dresser and Weezy frowned as she realized Shermy hadn't remembered to bring it at all.

Shermy phoned home a week later on his lunch break complaining of pain. 'Did you take that new medicine the doctor ordered? You're supposed to take it three times a day.' Silence. 'You forgot it didn't you?'

'Yes.' Shermy replied.

One day Shermy was tired of his wife's constant reminders. 'Look, will you quit that? I don't forget my wallet anymore.'

Weezy made a mental note not to nag.

The weather was pleasant one afternoon and Shermy wanted to try out a new pizza establishment. The two got ready and headed out for this new restaurant. Shermy was slowly parking the car and looked over at his wife. 'We have to go back. I forgot my wallet.'

The urge to say something singed Weezy's tongue. She smiled and said 'Oh.'

Two days later Weezy took one of her index cards out and made a check list.



glasses or sunglasses

pain medicine

rain gear

extra shirt

important documents

'What's that?' Shermy asked.

'It's a check list for us to look at before we go somewhere.'

Shermy began to laugh.

'I just hope I remember to have you look at it.' Weezy mumbled.

Psalm 103:2  'Praise the Lord oh my soul; and forget not all his benefits....'

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