Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ramifications of legalised pot

'Have you ever thought of the ramifications when pot is legalized Shermy?' Weezy put down her crocheting and looked across the room where Shermy was reclined on the sofa.

Shermy stopped channel surfing with the remote and said 'Huh? Where did that come from?'

'Well, I was listening to the history channel and they talked about how marijuana might be legalized soon. What will all those pot dealers do? It's not like they can apply for unemployment...'

Shermy laughed. 'So now your concerned about the illegal drug dealers?'

'Well, not that. There are just a lot of things I wonder about. I mean how are they going to advertise this stuff? Remember those ugly ads on the new cigarette packages? Are they going to put nasty pictures of potheads on the packages?'

Shermy continued to snicker. 'The surgeon general will have to warn folks somehow. I'm sure there are side effects. Besides, I am sure they will sell them in pouches like they do chewing tobacco or something.'

“No more knickel bags?' asked Weezy

'Knickel bags? Since when do you know anything about that? You can't even stand the smell of a cigar. You get high when they repave the roads!'

Weezy laughed. 'Well, I know some things. I remember '4:19 got a minute?'

'Yeah?' Sherm stopped and looked over at her. 'So what's it mean?'

'Well, 4:20 is 'Stoner's' time.'

'Oh really!'

'Yes Shermy, that's the international code for smoking dope!'

Sherm shook his head. 'How did I ever live with such a worldly woman!'

'Well, they will prob. Have the pot behind the counters like they do the cigarettes and cough syrup when it gets legalized.'

Shermy began to laugh again. 'Yeah, all that cough syrup with codeine and nicotine and now marijuanna back there. Those pharmacists will have to really stand guard.'

'Do you think folks will be growing their own now?'

Shermy thought for a moment. 'Well, if it's legal. It depends on the new laws. You planning to try a new crop?'

'No silly!  I have a hard enough time getting the petunias to grow! I want no part of that! I need to keep the brain cells I have left!' Weezy looked down and kept crocheting. All was quiet for a while.

Then, Weezy spoke again. 'I remember when they taught us about prohibition in school. All those corn liquor stills in the woods came out then. Some of that stuff was deadly if drank. I remember hearing about some of our own family in the moon shine business.'

'Well, at the price of cigarettes and liquor these days, I can't imagine pot being cheap even if it's legal. Our government will want a hefty chunk of the profits.'

'Yeah, they'll want to have first dibs. I wonder why they nick named it 'pot' anyhow? I mean when I think of the word I think of 'potty' like a toilet or something.

Sherm laughed. 'Yeah, I can't wait to see the new term for it. They'll have a long handle on the bottle or pouch. I can't see the same ads that were used for cigarettes though. Can you imagine a cowboy smoking a joint as he rides off into the sunset? Or, a guy with a black eye who would rather fight than switch? Oh wait, that is on the six o clock news.'

'Nah' said Weezy. 'I can see ads like the ones that tell you how you can sue if after using this product you had a bunch of symptoms that they will name. Then we'll have price wars and folks will go back to buying it on the black market.'

'Oh Weezy!'

'Well, we still have moon shine!'

'Not in this house!'

'Just remember Shermy, it's not the product that is a sin. It's man's use of it. If we put anything up as an idol above God than it is sin. If we become addicts, we do that to ourselves. We are not born addicts. It is not a disease like multiple sclerosis.'

Shermy nodded his head. 'It's all about choices. The Lord gave us a free will to make our choices. He set before us life and death and said...'Choose life!' Pot could have been the Lord's creation for health and we got stupid and burned it in cigarettes instead. Can you just imagine? Think of how the angels could have been shaking their heads at us if we smoked aloe instead of applying it on burns.'

'Well, remember when our kids once rolled my herbal tea leaves up and tried to smoke them? Ruined a perfectly good cup of tea!'

  I Corinthians 6:19  Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own; you were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body.

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