Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your computer or Mine?

Shermy and Weezy try to keep up with the times.  Weezy lets Sherm keep control of the tv remote.  He channel surfs and ends up asking her what to watch anyway. 

Weezy doesn't like talking on the phone much so she has no cell phone.  Shermy just found out how to download photos with his.  'Hey look Weezy, I can do all sorts of things with this.  I just have to learn how.'

Weezy enjoys her mini laptop while Shermy does his own thing with another computer.  Weezy sat reading her facebook and sudddenly a mysterious message appeared.

'I wonder if I can get some coffee?'

She promptly asked herself...'Does he want it next to his computer or mine?'

They ended up drinking it in the living room in front of their flat screen television, watching some old movie they never heard of.

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