Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Push that Button...

They had traded their truck for a car that would be better on gas. 'It gets 30 miles per gallon!' Shermy announced loudly over the sound of the stereo.

Shermy and Weez were riding down the road in their shiny red sports car. Shermy had put the top down and they enjoyed the warm Florida breeze as palm trees quickly passed them by. They were in no particular hurry with no particular place to go.

The used car was bought earlier that day. The middle aged couple laughed like children as Shermy tried to figure out the radio. It turned on, then disappeared. It wasn't the original radio Weezy thought. It looked several years beyond the year of the sports car.

The switches were fumbled with by Shermy for about ten minutes. 'Can't figure out how to turn it off.' He said.

Meanwhile, Weezy noticed that the Mazda Miata was so low to the ground that she could see her reflection in the truck's chrome bumper ahead of her. She fixed her hair and laughed. 'I think we just downsized again!' The car was a two seater with a mini trunk. 'Look, I can see his muffler!'

They stopped at a red light and Shermy continued to fumble with the radio. 'Huh? Oh yes, downsized!'

Weezy laughed. 'We won't be able to offer anyone a ride these days either.'

Another few minutes and Shermy alternated from down shifting to trying to figure out his radio.

'There must be a way to shut it off.' he muttered.

Weezy smiled and pointed to a tiny button she'd noticed a while ago. 'You should try that OFF button over there.'

Shermy pushed the button and silence ensued. 'How did you know that'

'Oh, I don't know. Maybe God told me. Turn it back on now Shermy, I was listening to the music.'

The sun was shining, they could smell the restaurant food as they drove by, and the sound of the oldies channel filled the air. Shermy gazed over at the radio a few times and then shook his head.

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