Monday, February 6, 2012

...the Lord blesses his people with peace

Psalm 29:11 “ The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. “

Early in the morning I was sitting on the patio in the dark with a cup of coffee. I was reminded of the conversation I'd had with my husband about peace. It has always been amazing to me that no matter where we lived in the past 36 years of marriage, God has always provided a peaceful home.

Our first home was a trailer that belonged to his parents. Jeff put up Z-Brick on the walls of the kitchen and made it look cozy. I was just learning to cook back then and was so overwhelmed with a new baby coming that I didn't really appreciate how the Lord had watched out for us back then.

We soon moved to an older home where my husband got the itch to fix up the kitchen walls again. We had no tools but somehow he managed to pu t up light blue and tan paneling with a hammer and screwdriver. We had a lot of compliments back then. The home was furnished and I enjoyed keeping house with a baby and one on the way.

A few years down the road we were in a three bedroom apartment. Once again my husband's handyman skills prompted him to do some work. This time he decided to paint the walls pumpkin chiffon. We had bright orange curtains and a new set of furniture in dark brown plaid to match. I can remember how he took an old set of kitchen chairs and reupholstered with new seat coverings. The apartment was cozy.

The time came for us to move again and we found a trailer to buy. This time my husband worked hard to install pinewood floors and a Ben Franklin stove. We had new linoleum for the dining room and the sound of little feet scampered back and forth most of the day. A cat was added to our family about this time and the little ones  got to see kittens for the first time.

Life was yet to move us again though and we found ourselves living on a horse shoe shaped street in a three bedroom cape. This time, my husband did no handyman work. The home had just been repainted and we found out later there had been drug dealers living in the house. Several places looked like they had been patched over and indeed they were. The blast of a sawed off shotgun had taken a two foot wide chunk of plaster out of the walls.

As we moved to our next home, I was wondering just where we would go. It turned out to be another nice place though. This time, I put contact paper with bright yellow flowers on a wall in the kitchen. It was quite dark in there. My husband installed white flooring and the room took on a whole new look.

The way our lives moved from place to place was becoming a common thing. We eventually moved back into the first place we started. This time my husband did more carpentry work. New counters, new cupboards, new carpets, kitchen flooring and the children were now in their teens.

We bought a 3 bedroom home where the children spent their last years at home before going off on their own. Jeff installed hardwood floors and a gorgeous chandelier in the dining room. He took his time and redid the entire living room walls. By now, he had become quite good with tools and accumulated several. In fact, the garage was full of them.

In the end, they were all sold as well as the house. We have lived in so many places, from 1-3 bedrooms and in many sorts of neighborhoods. I seldom keep collections of anything. Yet, I do keep a assortment of bibles. You see, the one thing we never found as we moved to so many places was the peace of God.

You can never find happiness or peace from where you live or from what you own. You will always want something else after a while. The peace we have found has come from God alone. We may still move again, who knows? But, we bring the peace within us.

May you have the peace that passes all understanding as you face the trials of this world. Remembering always....Jesus has overcome the world.

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