Monday, January 16, 2012

Who Reads This Blog?

'In all thy was acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths...' Proverbs 3:6

There are millions of blogs out there. I am always happy to get an email sent to my email address telling me who is reading my blog. is my email address. My readers are simple folk usually. Yet, I also hear from many teen aged single parents. Some wish to know how to make simple recipes out of a very low budget. Some are mothers of several children with no one to help. Some are middle aged men who suddenly find enjoyment in cooking. Some are homeless who became rape victims. They got into the system and our government is sponsoring them to get an education. So, they use the school computers and have found me. I am so proud of you all who are trying so hard to find God's manna!

Some folks are home bound and find a computer strange yet, they have managed to find my blog and read my stories a little at a time.

I know of two countries who use some of the stories for bible studies. They call me the 'Silent Church' as they are not allowed to worship in public.

Recently, I have been asked why I use mayonnaise in so many recipes since it is high in cholesterol. The answer is simple. Years ago, recipes were created while folks lived on a farm and eggs were plentiful. The cost of a dozen eggs and shortening was cheap. Now, it is not. Yet, mayonnaise can take it's place when you use the no name brand for a quart of mayonnaise that costs less than two dollars. I try to use less sugar in recipes as well. That leaves the eggs in a single parent home ready for breakfast with my sweet bread or cookies as a side dish. Remember, I use a lot of oatmeal in recipes here. Oatmeal is high in fiber, potassium and nutrients that are helpful on a low budget.

The Lord has had me personally experience the need to be creative in the kitchen and I am grateful. He is able to meet all your needs no matter what your budget.

To those struggling in today's world...know that I pray for you constantly and cherish each email you send. I try to answer as time allows. I have found a recipe for banana bread made with mayonnaise and it is in my oven as I write this. If it turns out good I will post it soon. Until then, pray to the one who makes all things possible...Jesus!

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