Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Battle with Bullying, Hazing and Bus violence

This week I was sickened to hear the tv reporting yet another case of bus violence.  The first day of school for a local girl turned ugly as no one let her sit down and they circled her and beat her.  The school is flooded with disciplinary cases and this one has all ready gone to court.  Yet, what trauma will that girl have to live with? 

The bus driver has enough of a job trying to watch the road and get to the destination on time.  This problem is nation wide.  My six year old grand daughter was hit with bully's last year.  The problem has no age precidence as far as I can tell.

The cost of violence is so great, and yet the school budget is seldom a topic that parent's wish to vote on.  When the teen age girls are bent on taking over a bus without thought of retribution from parents or the legal system, I believe it is time for the bus driver's to have law enforcement officers on the bus.  When we look at the crime level for certain districts, we can see where help is needed.  It is time for the schools to stop turning a blind eye and realize that bus driver's can not be responsible for everything any more. 

I strongly feel that some of these children, teens and young aduls are totally desensitized to any form of discipline.  Moral rights and wrongs are lost in the shuffle to 'It's all about me'.  The Golden Rule is a joke to these people. 

So, what is our part Christian woman and man?  Prayer for the hearts of our next generation is a must.  Prayers for guidance and for the safety of our children and all who are connected with the school systems.

It  is time for parent's to take to the school board meetings and speak up.  We  spend our money on taxes for school and yet our children are being bullied and beaten just to get to the schools. It is obvious there is not enough supervision.  I write this knowing that I do not have all the answers,  but I speak the obvious.

Those same children, teens and young adults who participate in hazing rituals, bullying, and such will one day be grown up people.    What are they going to contribute to society?  Why are we spending so much money to send our children to school if they are to be beaten or killed by those who have no interest in learning? 

The bible says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. We need to teach our children that God is more than just a loving God...he is also a Righteous God and punishes sin. When a nation turns away from teaching our children what God has to say about right and wrong, we will find a generation that cares nothing for anything but their own needs and wants.  Violence is the obvious conclusion.

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