Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I wonder what Mary thought....

I often wonder what Mary must have thought when she looked at her son.  She knew he was born of a virgin because she was that virgin.  As I looked at my own son, I used to wonder what he would become.  I prayed he would be safe and filled with joy.  As a mother, I wanted to give him all that would make him smile. 
As Jesus grew and helped with his father’s carpentry trade, I wonder how Mary explained Jesus to the other siblings.  The bible says they didn’t believe he was the son of God.  What must his mother have thought?
I know, I always tried to bring harmony to my two children.  Yet, in the end it is God’s own hand that melts their hearts.  I simply can not imagine explaining who Jesus was to his siblings.
Mary found she was limited in the life of Jesus.  Yet, as a mother we are all limited.  We care for them and love them.  We train them as much as we know how. They grow up with their own thoughts and a will of their own.  For, they are their own individual person.  God meant for them to make their own decisions at the proper time. 
Jesus had free will too.  Folks seldom realize that Jesus could have called on legions of angels to take him off that cross.  He chose to give His life that we might be free of sin.
That same Jesus is the one who hears the mother’s prayer and understands the heart of every parent.  That same Jesus was someone’s son while here on earth.  I am glad that God never chose me to be Jesus mother.  I could not bear to see my son suffer.  Even today, I am glad that I can totally cover my children with prayer and leave them in Jesus capable hands.
How amazed Mary must have been to see Jesus rise from the dead.  This Christmas, I know many mothers who worry over their children.  I would encourage you all to remember, the same Jesus who rose from the dead is able to answer your prayers over your children.  He knows how precious they are to you.  His Father told Him.

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