Monday, December 26, 2011

His Beckoning Voice

Did you know I can hear the smallest sigh
You can nestle close to me when darkness is nigh
My voice is heard when snow falls in silence
and you hear my echo like a gentle summons

Come close my child, my precious dove
Come to the one that your heart loves
Never doubt that I am always near
Come to the place where there is no fear

When others forsake you my arms open wide
No, don't run away for you cannot hide
I long to just love you with a heart that is true
Come follow my words, I am speaking to you

Too late in the day? You have so much to do
Yet come unto me, I am beckoning you
Let me have your burden and make it light
I wish to love you, my heart's delight

I speak to your heart in the morning's hour
Come rest in me, and trustt in my  power
I make all things new and will reconcile
I can mend your soul, just stay awhile

None other can make you truly whole
Not money, nor lust or fortune told
I am the way, the truth and the light
Come unto me with all of your might

For I am Jesus, your King of King's
A look from your eyes and my heart sings
I'm drawing you closer than space can provide
Open your heart and let me inside

Come quickly my love for the time draws nigh
I'm coming again in the twinkling of an eye
My heart wants to gather you close to my chest
Just give me your heart, I'll do the rest

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