Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That Newlywed Feeling

Weezy’s Tips for Wive’s # 10

Recently I celebrated my 36 year wedding anniversary with Shermy. We had a wonderful relaxing and fun filled day. Rather than the usual roses, he chose to buy me a Passion plant. It’s blossoms are pink and white and I’ve never seen such a beautiful flower. I have it on my patio where I can sit in the afternoon and watch it as I crochet or sip my tea.
Over the years I’ve traveled so far from the newlywed I once was. Life was a bit frightening for an eighteen year old who had never traveled far from home. I had to learn to do the domestic things or they didn’t get done. When the children came, it was an addition to my life. I found I had to become organized or life at home was chaos by the time Shermy came home from work.
Yet, I have enjoyed every season of my married life so far. We went from newlyweds, to parents, working Mom and Dad, grandparents and several side roads in between. Through it all, I’ve learned that nothing stays the same in any marriage. Our focus, our thoughts, opinions and attitudes have a way of changing as we grow together in a married life.
I think that at times we would grow stale if there wasn’t a changing and moving forward together. The commitment and devotion should always remain but the lessons learned through life’s challenges help us grow into an even more solid example of two hearts becoming one. You never know how ‘love covers a multitude of sins’ until you walk through some fire together.
The Lord inspired me many times over the years to 'spruce up' our marriage and not to forget the 'newlywed' concept. Newlywed couples touch and speak soft words to each other. Yet, without too much trouble it is easy to get used to one another and take each other for granted. Shermy never stopped holding my hand as we walk. He still opens my car door and still helps me with my coat. I still make little surprises for him at times.
I’ll bake a pineapple upside down cake when it’s not a special occasion. I’ll put a love note in his lunch box. He still phones me just to say hello when he is away.
Then there are the times when we just sit together without saying a word. Some afternoons we go to the ocean and just sit quietly. Evenings might find us holding hands watching the evening news. Many mornings we sit on the patio and have morning prayers before the day. We get together and pray for our family and friends, while listening to the early morning sounds of the woods nearby.
Life is short and if we are blessed we may have seventy or eighty years of it. My tip for wives this week is this…try to think of areas where you can ‘spruce up’ your marriage. It need not be a complete overhaul but just one little thing to bring back that newlywed feeling. Let it be a spice in the marriage you all ready have.
For me, I’ll never truly be a marriage expert if I remain married for another 36 years. But, I will always enjoy new ways the Lord is changing and remolding us to become the married couple He has planned. My hair will soon turn white and I may have wrinkles galore…but I know God will always give me a way to keep that 'newlywed feeling' in my marriage. I am praying he does the same for you.

Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

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