Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping with Shermy and Weezy

‘Do you have your wallet, watch, spectacles, and Christmas ideas list?’ Weezy asked as they got ready to leave their home. Shermy had a habit of forgetting important things when excited. This was an exciting day. They were going Christmas shopping for their grand daughter.
‘Let’s stop off and have lunch while we’re out!’ Shermy suggested.
‘Well, of course! They probably have their Christmas milk shakes out again. Last year we had a mint something or other. But, no fries…those things are full of calories’ Shermy laughed loudly. ‘I suppose those milk shakes are dietetic?’
‘Oh, well…it’s Christmas!’ She grinned as she knew she was caught. Weezy put the Christmas list in her purse as she locked the door and followed Shermy to the truck.
‘I see you put the list in your purse…don’t loose it in there. It’s the inner sanctum sometimes. Things go in but they never get found again!’ The couple laughed as they got in the truck.
Christmas music played on the radio as they drove past palm trees and colorful signs on the main road. All of the shops were decorated and advertising their Christmas gift ideas.
Shermy pulled into a department store parking lot and drove around until he found an empty spot to park. Weezy watched as people poured in and out of the stores with packages and worried looks on their faces. ‘Uh Oh, I see the Christmas time blues on some of those stressed out faces. Not enough money and worried about the Holiday. Bless them Lord!’ Shermy opened the door and helped his wife of 36 years out of the vehicle. Soon they were walking towards the department store holding hands.
‘Listen Shermy…the Christmas carols are on.’ She always loved to hear it. The red kettles were greeting everyone as they went to the door. Many stopped to drop their coins in.
‘The chipmunks aren’t my idea of Christmas music!’ Shermy said with a grin. He knew his wife enjoyed it all.
They took a cart and headed towards the toy section. Weezy found a doll that giggled and kicked its feet if you waved your hand over its face. She stood waving her hand several times until Shermy grabbed her arm and walked away.
He noticed all sorts of toys that said ‘push here’ or ‘squeeze here’ and he enjoyed a half hour of the sounds of toys squeaking or talking. The store clerk walked by a few times and Shermy managed to look innocent. As soon as the coast was clear he found more displays and had stuffed animals dancing and trains going around to ‘Jingle bell rock’
Meanwhile, Weezy saw dolls dressed in all sorts of gowns, and games for all ages. ‘I wonder how this one works.’ She asked herself as she saw a display model of a computer toy. Soon she was busy learning to play the game with gusto. Her giggles drew the attention of the children walking by. The mothers with children began to laugh at the older woman.
Weezy turned her head and saw a frazzled woman with four children in tow. ‘Mommy, I want this’ they all said as they walked by the toys.
After an hour of looking the toys over, Shermy and Weezy walked to the children’s section to check out the clothes. Cute bunny slippers and pajamas with glow in the dark feet caught their attention. Next they saw dresses and outfits. ‘Let’s not get her anything she needs!’ Shermy said. ‘Let’s just have fun!’
‘Yeah! I was thinking the same thing! Next year we can be responsible…maybe!’ She giggled.
The candy isle was loaded with chocolate and peanut brittle, fudge and gumdrop bears. Weezy looked it all over as she heard Christmas music. She spied a gingerbread house and stood watching the gingerbread men go round and round on a make believe skate ring.
‘I think it’s time for lunch!’ A low voice said behind her ear.
Weezy was shocked to find it was nearly two hours and they hadn’t bought a single thing. Yet, they were having a wonderful time.’
‘OK, let’s get a little something.’ The older couple walked out to the parking lot and drove the truck to a nearby restaurant. The crowds were enormous and the lines were long to get a chance to order their food. They didn’t mind it though; it was part of the Christmas shopping experience.
Soon, they were at a different department store and found the books they had decided to buy. Nearby, they found more toys to try out. A snowman danced when you squeezed his gloved hand. They watched a group of candy canes blink on and off. The Christmas trees were next on the list.
Slowly they toured through countless of lighted trees with ornaments of every imagination. Suddenly it struck Weezy that although the ornaments were pretty…they had nothing to do with Jesus.
Shermy watched his wife’s face and knew her thoughts. ‘When we are in heaven, Christmas will be celebrated in a totally new way. Nothing will need to be bought or put on lay away. The decorations will always be up. Music will forever be Christmas music. The folks in the world who do not understand Jesus have no idea of the glorious time of this holy season. But, for now we just enjoy the reason for the season all year long.’
Weezy smiled and squeezed her husband’s hand. A long table was set up in a corner of the store. It was a Christmas village with little houses and little lights. Several trees and sleds with miniature dolls were scattered around this Victorian village. On a hill near the outskirts of the make believe village stood a white clapboard church. Its lights were on and there was a figurine that Weezy marveled at. Instead of a make believe manger, there stood a make believe figurine of a Christmas present and it was open. Inside was placed a doll to represent the greatest gift of the season. ‘Just when I think the world forgets Christ, I am reminded that He is remembered.’
They continued to shop from toy store to toy store. They enjoyed trying out the merchandise and laughing the day away. Some say that Christmas is for children. But, Weezy and Shermy know that they too are children. They are the children of the living God.

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