Friday, October 21, 2011

Weezy's Tips for Wives #9 'Meekness isn't Weakness'

As I write this, I know I am going to raise a few eyebrows from the liberated woman. Yet, I do not write to please any particular audience except the one my heart loves…Jesus.
Long ago I sat with a woman who felt the need to impress upon me that I was much too ‘meek’ in my role as a wife. She observed a few unguarded moments when my spouse was tired and grumbly. She was shocked that I did not rise to the occasion to assert myself. I sat and listened to this woman tell how she would allow no man to talk to her in such a disrespectful way. She was telling me that she had a very short fuse and her husband was whipped into shape within their first few years of marriage.
It dawned on me that she didn't know the biblical meaning of 'Meekness'. ‘You are just too meek!’ She said.
Here is my response and I must say….I would not change a single word. ‘Meekness is far from weakness! Love looks beyond the offense and sees a tired or weary unthinking person. Repaying good for evil is what the bible tells us to do. You judge from a few incidents through eyes that do not love. It’s an easy road to jump up and scream of your own rights! Jesus did not respond that way and neither do I! A soft answer turns away wrath!’
Meekness in a marriage does not mean we make door mats of ourselves. Jesus did not mean for us to be slaves. There is a time when we as wives can approach our spouses with problems. Even then, we do it in a loving way. Remember, when we stand before God and he questions if we were walking in the spirit…we can’t say ‘Well, that husband that you gave me…!’ Adam tried that line and it didn’t work then either!
Both partners should develop this disposition to be patient and long suffering under pressure. Yet, I pray you resist the urge to say..’This message is for HIM!’ If you are reading this…God wants you to get this message.
Meekness is a fruit of the spirit. I see it as a balance of heart and mind to demonstrate gentleness not in weakness but in power. It takes a lot of strength to ‘clip the lip’ and not holler back or just walk away knowing you are right. It takes a lot of power and insight to see beyond the offense. It takes the power of God!
It blows my mind to see people flutter about a church smiling and acting the part of God’s children, and then go home and jump down their husband’s throat with the slightest provocation.
Meekness is like a diamond, it is produced through pressure. We can understand the meaning and even teach meekness. Yet, it is not going to be evidenced until we are under pressure to have the choice to respond with meekness or spitting bullets.
A married couple is comprised of two human beings who can be a challenge at times. Yet, even in the best of times we need to practice meekness.
My tip for this week is ‘Watch how often you practice this wonderful disposition of meekness. How often can you display strength under control in a gentle loving way. Meekness isn’t weakness!‘

Jesus is often portrayed wrong when we see the word meek as being weak. Jesus was a man who lived mostly out doors and He was a carpenter. Most men working like that have muscles. I would imagine His skin was darkened by the sun. He was rugged and far from the porcelain Jesus some think of. Still, He was God’s son and He knew it. He could have called on a legion of angels to plead His cause on Calvary. He portrayed a gentle, loving, long suffering Christ as He hung on that cross. He showed strength under control as He looked ahead to His bride!

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