Thursday, October 6, 2011

Very Significant!!!

Last night my pastor was speaking about the Holy Spirit and he calmly spoke about something being very ‘significant’. He used the proper language only this mind of mine saw a mental picture that had me off and giggling. Imagine standing next to Jesus and calmly quietly saying to him…’You know, when the holy spirit came and indwelled among us, I found that to be quite significant!’
I could picture Jesus nodding his head with a twinkle in his eye replying in like fashion..’Yes, I thought it might be.’

There is an invisible little person inside this middle aged woman who jumps up and down and at times I have to tell myself to be quiet and not make a scene. Yet, many times it escapes through laughter and a burst of giggles. I find that it does not take much to set me off at times either. The only way to explain how Holy Spirit baptism works at times in me is a bottle of soda pop. When God uncapped the bottle there were all these bubbles that fizz out, and still do.

Now, that is not to say that I am always in a bubbly fizz state. In fact, half the time I am quiet and listening to what God has to say. I can’t live in the bubbly fizz state forever or the body would be quite tired. But, the excitement is always there. My pastor has times of bubbly fizz and quiet reflection too, I am not in any way trying to insinuate otherwise. He just inspired this encouraging word.

Yet, I’ve also seen those who display loud enthusiastic displays that come from themselves and not of the Spirit. They tire themselves out with their actions and waste much energy. It sickens me at times when I see fakers. For me, if God doesn’t shake this bottle I am not going to try to fake a bubbly fizz.

In 1 Kings chapter 18 the prophet Elijah went head to head with those who followed Baal. He challenged them to a barbecue and told them to call on the name of their God to answer by fire. The God who burnt the meat was the true God. The worshippers of Baal danced around, cut themselves up and no one sent fire.

Elijah taunted them, ‘Shout louder!’ he said ‘Surely he is a god! Perhaps he is deep in thought or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened.’ So they shouted and slashed themselves with swords to no avail. They got themselves all excited and lathered up but there was no power in it.

Elijah then drenched his wood and drenched the meat a few times and then prayed ‘O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God…’ Long story short the meat, wood and stones, and soil went off in a blaze of glory! It’s my favorite comedy of the Old Testament! God has a great sense of humor.
He is good though, he knows when to shake and he knows when to settle me down. Godly excitement is seen in both ways. It’s more than an emotion or a physical display. It is the human heart’s response to its creator. I pray that your soul will respond to the one who can calm the waters and yet stir up the seas.

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