Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pork and Bean Chili

I usually make chili with red beans. However, a few weeks ago I came across a sale on no name brand pork and beans at 4 for a dollar. I stocked up on several cans.
The other day I wanted to make chili and found I had no red beans in the house. So, I got a little creative.

2 cans of regular pork and beans undrained
3 cups of salsa [mild or medium depending on your spice preference]
¼ tsp dry red pepper flakes
A few shakes of hot sauce
½ tsp of diced fresh hot green chili pepper
My husband had bought a very spicy hot chili pepper that makes your eyes water! So, I added it in.
1 pound of ground meat

Brown the meat first and then add the rest of ingredients. It’s so simple, just be careful on the hot spices if you don’t like spicy food. I simmered it for an hour on low. My husband loved it.

Beans are a constant staple in our house. They are high fiber and a great source of protein. I pray you all find bargains at the supermarket this week!

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  1. Sheryl,
    I too discovered how much better I like chili when made with pork & beans. I think I used a can of pink beans and wanted to add a little more. I found some leftover baked beans in the fridge and threw them in. Been doing that ever since. I will have to try your salsa idea though. I have not done that yet and it sounds really good. So glad the weather is finally getting cooler so we can enjoy these great cool-weather recipes again!