Monday, September 5, 2011

Can you see your blessing?

Yesterday I was in church listening as a few dear people stood up and told of what the Lord had done in their lives this past week. I enjoyed listening and the thought of sharing my own didn't occur as I sat listening attentively.

Yet, I am a very blessed child of God. I do not live in a mansion or wear the latest fashion. The trials of my life are not so unlike any reader who stumbles on this blog. Yet, if you ask the Lord to open your will see an amazing day filled with blessings.

For instance, my Shermy and I have been thinking of trading our pretty flowered love seat for a couch. Like many of the readers who come here, we shopped around. I had fun looking at all sorts of colors and styles and prices. Not wanting to go into debt, we thought we would continue to save our money.

Now, I am a thrift store or second hand store junkie. I love garage sales but it's too hot and humid in the summer and the stores are air conditioned. Yes, I'm a high class second hand rose! But, it is fun to see what others throw away. I've gotten some wonderful lamps and furniture that Shermy had the fun of painting or redoing.

We weren't looking, but stumbled on a couch that matched the chairs we all ready had. The price was amazing too. Shermy began looking it all over and found one of the legs was broken. It was an easy fix but he spoke to the manager and he lowered the low price even more. We decided to take it.

We then were surprised to get more of a discount because Shermy is now considered a senior citizen. [Not someting we discuss a lot!] But, for just under 47 dollars we walked away with a gorgeous couch. We didn't plan on buying it that day. Yet, the Lord is a good bargain hunter for us!

This is just one story in hundreds of the ways the Lord blessed us this past week end. Folks wonder why I smile so much. I am always expecting something fun or good to happen amongst the rubbish in the world. My friend, if you came to this blog today it was not by accident.

The same God who brings joy and laughter to this lady is looking to do the same for you. Believe it! Ask him to open your eyes to discover the blessings. You won't want to miss a thing.

I used to miss out on seeing His work when I would complain and expect the worst to happen. But, when I began to praise the Lord even in the midst of the muck...God began to open my eyes so I could see what the Lord has done! Be blessed today!

As always, we pray for Israel!

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