Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weezy cleans up!

After church, Shermy ate a quick lunch and resumed his job putting things back together. It all started the day before....

Weezy kissed her husband goodbye and started with her project for the day. She glanced at the patio where Shermy had installed astro turf. The bright green was such a pleasant addition to an all ready tropical patio.

Without delay, Weezy got her husband's shop vac and got ready to shampoo their recliner. She did this every month or so and quickly removed the filter so the machine could suck up the water from her shampooing. She turned the fan on to keep her cool and also help to dry off the chair.

Several moments passed and Weezy had done the back and arms of the chair and was getting down to business with a soapy brush on the seat of the chair. All of a sudden something green went by her peripheral vision. She suddenly stopped what she was doing and gasped.

Apparently, Shermy had vaccumed up the loose pieces of astro turf and they were being blown out of the shop vac as she was vaccuming up the excess water from her project. The fan caught hold of the green fibers that were drifting all over the room. The lamps, the couch, the tv was littered in fake green grass. The beige carpet looked like someone had thrown grass all over. It took Weezy over an hour to clean it all up.

When it was all cleaned up, Weezy decided to take a break and turned on the laptop to check her emails. A cool glass of water in hand, she walked over to the laptop. Suddenly, without warning she lost her balance and chucked the water on top of the laptop keyboard. The monitor flashed a funny color as Weezy tried to get up off the floor. She unplugged the laptop and turned the laptop upside down on a towel.

Two hours later, Shermy came home from work. Weezy explained the mishaps and wondered if Shermy would be upset. "I am pretty sure the laptop is dead now."

Shermy looked at the living room and shook his head. 'You didn't see the astro turf in the shop vac?" Weezy sighed and said.

"It was dark in there, I just didn't look."

Suddenly Shermy's lips twitched and he began to laugh. He sat down and laughed loudly for almost a minute. "Weezy, you are more like 'I love Lucy every day! What am I gonna do with you?"

Weezy smiled but still felt bad. "I'm so sorry about the laptop."

"Nah, I love a challenge. I'll just take it apart and see. Worst case scenario is that we get a new one." He was chuckling as he took the laptop apart and then went to bed.

Sunday was the next day and after church, he began to work on the laptop...again. Every so often Shermy looked up and grinned at his wife. 'Next time, take pictures...I would have loved to have seen green astro turf floating in mid air!'

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