Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who's in charge?

Being married for over thirty years gives a woman much to ponder at times. In a time where the world tells women that they've come a long way baby, Weezy prefers to stay rooted in Christ. A proverbs 31 woman is what inspires her. Her daily routine has changed much over the years. She raised two children and had herself a career for a time.

Yet, the greatest challenge was to be a wife. The next challenge was to decide who would be in charge. Shermy got into a habit of just letting Weezy make decisions as long as they didn't ruffle his feathers. Yet, when they found out what the bible said about a marriage...things took on a different light.

Abraham goofed up a few times when he passed his wife off as being his sister. This was because he was afraid he would be killed so that his wife could be free to marry. She must have been a real looker at sixty.

Even though it was Eve who was tempted by the serpent, it was Adam who bore the brunt. He was supposed to be taking care of Eve. Where was he when the snake came to tempt her?

Weezy realized a long time ago that the person in charge bore the responsibility. She also learned that God intended for her to be a help mate. She developed some simple methods to help Shermy make decisions. She did not try to manipulate him. It takes two to make a good marriage work. Over the years Shermy and Weezy locked heads over many things. Yet, in the end they felt that the final decisions would be Shermy's to make. 'I will follow you as long as I know you follow Chirst.' was Weezy's only stipulation.

Such was the case when he phoned home tired one day. 'It's raining, I'm tired. It looks like the stock market is chaos. Who knows, maybe they'll send me home.'

Men are pretty simple folk. They say what they mean and Weezy didn't analyze her husband's sentence. She merely reminded him, 'You are the spiritual head of the household. You make the decisions.'

Shermy laughed. 'Oh really? That still works in our house?'

"Why of course dear. I've been reading the bible and just today I found scripture that I'll share with you.' She gave a slight giggle that Shermy knew so well.

Shermy was silent a moment and then said...'I think I have to go back to work now sweetie.' Weezy could hear the stress leave her husband's voice.

Weezy smiled as she hung up the phone. She found out after 36 yrs of marriage that when Shermy was tired, the best idea was to refocus his eyes on the role Christ had given him. When his eyes were on Christ, he always made the right decisions. His stress level went down as well.

To be a help mate means many things. The Lord made a wife of sturdy stuff for she can be a powerful Godly influence on her mate if her mind is on Christ and not herself. Weezy and Shermy learned to put the other before themself. Being a wife is not for sissy's or control freaks. It takes a lot of strength to give over the reigns at times. It takes a lot of prayers and faith as well. But, when it comes right down to it. The one in charge is the one who Shermy and Weez keep their eyes on.

'Seek ye first the kingdom of God.'

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