Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Open and willing

What are you really good at? I have to say I can not think of any one thing that I do especially well . Now, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. It's just that I never excelled in sports,the arts, singing or even writing. Yet, there is one thing the Lord asks of me and I do not have to compete or look to others for help in doing it. He wants me to come closer to Him...just as I am. Pink fluffy slippers, hair askew, and old bathrobe combined. He isn't that much interested in how I look to others. In fact, he only gave me this body for a short while to house the soul within me here on earth.

I was born to magnify Him...not me. Like the sun was made to bring light unto itself but to shine the light for others. If I can please Him in this one small area, by spending time just quiet and without thought of a reason. No agenda. I always end up thanking him for everything under the sun.

Today, this is the song He gave to me to play back for him.

I can see through Your eyes Lord as I lift my soul to thee
Yet, when I look around at others I think 'what about me?'

But you have steadied this heart of mine and filled me with your grace
Whatever you made in me is fine, when I think about your face

Lord Let me be a gentle breeze that simply brings your rest
I've no wish to prosper far, or be the very best

Just let me see through your eyes Lord and I will be content
Thank you Lord for you see my heart, and you know what is meant.

Transform this heart so I can be whatever suits you best
I'll just spend this day with you, so you can do the rest.

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