Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tortilla Pizza

This is a fun recipe that you can make with small children. It can be made with any sort of vegetables you like. Start out with this basic recipe.

Stack 3 large tortillas on top of each other on a slightly greased baking pan.

Take 1/2 cup of salsa, or left over red sauce and spread it on over the top tortilla

sprinkle with shredded cheese

Next, you add whatever you like. Pepperoni, green pepper, sliced or diced onion, works well. I've also added bits of ham, chicken, and olives. Although adults should cut up the toppings, the young ones can have fun putting them on top of the pizza. This is a great time to share with our children how thankful we are for what the Lord provides in our kitchen.

Sprinkle parmessan cheese on top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

The ends of the tortilla will curl up. The tortillas make a crispy crust.

Let cool slightly and cut into slices. This makes a medium sized pizza.

Thank God for giving us creative minds and ideas to use in these times of great stress. Pray without ceasing, and praise Him for even the little things.

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