Saturday, July 9, 2011

Marriage Chuckles...Shermy won't take his medicine

This is another in a series of ‘Marriage Chuckles’ that let you in to the life of a middle aged couple…Weezy and Shermy. Today’s story is about a trip to the pharmacy.
Sometimes the cure might be worse than the affliction. Weezy and Shermy have a habit of reading the labels and warnings from all of the medicine the doctor prescribes. On one hot sunny day they went to the pharmacy with a new prescription. The store was very busy and they had to wait in line for twenty minutes. Shermy sat and waited as his wife looked over the multitudes of vitamins and mineral oils. ‘I think we need everything on this shelf Shermy’ Shermy shook his head.
‘Just sit down, I’m not spending my life savings on liver pills’. When they finally got back into the car Weezy took the paperwork for the new prescription out of the bag.
Shermy drove to the stop sign and asked her ‘Why don’t you read me what it says while I drive.’
‘Oh sure Shermy!But first we should thank God that we have them. 'Lord, I thank you we are able to have medical insurance.’ Weezy unfolded the piece of paper and began to read. ‘You must be able to sit vertically for a half hour after taking this medicine.’ Well, that’s silly, how else are you supposed to sit?’
Weezy went on reading after shaking her head. ‘You must take this in the early a.m. You must not take this on an empty stomach.’ Oh,this says I must get up early and make you breakfast and put you in a vertical chair in order for you take this. You have to sit there for thirty minutes too!’ Weezy began to laugh. ‘I’ll have to give you a slow bowl of oatmeal! I’ll turn on CNN, you like CNN…’
‘Just read the part that says what the side effects are.’ Shermy said as he rounded a corner and honked at someone going too slow.
‘Well, let’s see crumbalapumkin deliciometus gas, noitchemona belliminisucle explosive diarrhea…gee Shermie it looks like the pharmacist speaks in tongues!’
‘That’s just medical words, we’ll look that up later. Go on.’
‘Well, you might experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting, head ache, bumbellosis dillyoptis, heartburn and heart palpatations, fungus in the mendiomantic area and slight liver damage. Do not take this if you are pregnant. Severe trembling and disorientation followed by hair loss has been reported.‘
Shermy stopped at a red light and shook his head. ‘I’m not taking that!’
‘Why, you said we could look up those words we don’t know! Why won’t you take it?’
Shermy shook his head. ‘Weezy, I’m not getting up early and eating breakfast in a vertical position for half an hour when I don’t know what the medicine is for?’
Weezy laughed. ‘Oh, you silly! Don’t you remember why the doctor prescribed this? It’s for your nerves!’

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