Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Lovebirds

Weezy has a tendency to be clumsy at times. Shermie compensates by holding her hand while out in public places. 'Oh, look at those two lovebirds' they heard someone say as they walked into a restaurant. Weezy looked around but saw no one resembling love birds. 'Uh, Weez...they mean us.' Weezy grins but doesn't quite get it.

'We've been holding hands since 1974 Shermie. I guess we're a couple of old love birds huh?' Shermie pulls out the chair for her and she is seated.

The couple love to try out new diners. The mom and pop places are few but they enjoy them. Weezy and Shermie find a simple meatloaf supper on the menu. 'I can't believe they sell meatloaf. I want to try it.' She waits for the waitress. 'I have a question about the meatloaf.' she tells the waitress. 'What kind of meat is it?'

The waitress's eyes get wide and she says, 'Well, beef.'
Weezy smiles. 'These days you can't be too careful. Sometimes it's ground turkey and even tofu. Yuk!'

Shermie orders the same thing and soon they are relaxing with a cool drink. Weezy reaches out to touch the flowers in the middle of the table. 'They're real. I wondered why anyone would put plastic centerpieces in water.' Shermie begins to laugh.

All of a sudden Weezy is wiggling in her seat with a shocked expression on her face. 'Sweetie, what's wrong?'

'I can't move my feet. They're stuck together.'

Shermie looks down and notices that his wife had crossed her ankles with her beaded sandals on. The sandals had gotten caught on the beads. He begins to laugh harder. 'Take them off and I'll unfasten them.'

Weezy looks around at the other customers. 'Shermie, we're new here. People will think I'm a hillbilly! Besides, I can't slip them off.'

Sherm reaches down and grabs the sandals. As his wife's face turns red the waitress arrives with their food. She looks at Shermie who is gently unfastening the sandals. He looks up like it is a normal occurance. 'She keeps sticking her foot in her mouth and the sandals got tangled!'

The dining room erupted in laughter as Shermie reached down and put the sandals on his wife's feet. 'Ahh, fair maiden let's enjoy our meal. You've all ready provided the entertainment.'

'Oh Shermie! We always have fun don't we?'

'A couple of crazy lovebirds, Weezy!' As Shermie takes a forkful of meatloaf he hears his wife say...

'I am my beloved's and He is mine.'

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