Monday, April 18, 2011

Weezy and Sherm [The King James Version]

So many places to go and time was of the essence. Weezy got into the truck and watched the scenery float by on this sunny day with blue skys and the smell of jasmine in the air.

"My dearest husband, wherest art thou going? Wasn't the coffee shop our destination?" Weezy asked with a smile.

"Thou dost not need to know. I am the master and thou just needs to sit and relax!"

Sherm looked over laughing and reached to pinch Weezy's knee.

"Wither thou goest, I will follow Oh Lord and master of this old truck! Whatever thou wishest." Weezy said.

"I wishest thou would be quieteth" Sherm replied.

Weezy began to laugh hysterically. "Thou soundest like Sylvester the cartoon cat!"

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