Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving ahead

The writer of this blog is moving to another city. While in my case I am excited, I can remember when moving was a sorrowful time. When we think about relocating to a new area we often are filled with mixed emotions. We sometimes think of only what we are leaving. For some, bad choices have left them forced to move out of their environment. For others, God has called them to a new season of their life. Yet, if we look to the Lord we know we are always moving ahead and not down and out.

It is the same for the sinner as well. So often we are left with guilt over the past. Yet if we have gone to the Lord and asked for forgiveness of any wrong doing on our part we then must receive that forgiveness and move on.

Have faith that when we are trusting God and obeying His word, He will always lead us to the place He wants us to be. Keeping your eyes ahead and looking to the future is a challenge whenever we move from country to country or city to city. It's a challenge even if we stay in the same place.

When it comes to physically moving, finding your new home can be fun. I like to think of it as a game. First, my husband and I check out the differences in areas. Crime rate for instance. We figure out what the budget allows for monthly payments. Next, we ask God for specific things. I enjoy a patio or front porch. Hubby likes to make sure laundry facilities are available. We both like quiet, and so we put all that before the Lord. One caution though, I also ask the Lord for His will to be done and not our own. His ways might differ but are better. It's exciting to see what He will do with our simple prayers and His divine will.

Once a new home is found, we find out about the neighborhood. For me, I enjoy scouting out the nearest libraries, diners, and shopping areas. Is there a park nearby? How far from the church of your choice?

Next, we go through our home and purge out the things not being used or not needed. Several trips to thrift stores to donate items. We also give gifts to our neighbors nearby in the form of plants or other little reminders of us. This leaves a blessing behind and gives us a lighter load to carry forward.

I always like to leave the home cleaner than when I arrived. I usually leave a lemon smell behind or pine smell from the cleaners used.

Pineing over yesterday only brings us sorrow to add to today, along with emptiness for tomorrow. God's word says to 'Sing a new song'. We can't change our yesterdays and we need God today. Let's pray His will be done with us to bring us into our new home tomorrow.

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