Wednesday, March 2, 2011

coffee time

It's a normal routine to see Shermie and Weezy sitting out in front of their apartment sipping an evening cup of coffee. Every once in a while Weezy gets the coffee mixed up and chokes on a sip of coffee with sugar in it. 'Whoops, this is yours dear.'

Shermie makes a habit of waiting until his wife takes a sip. He laughs at the faces she makes, but not so she'll see him laugh.

Soon, she sits back and listens to all of the tales of her husband's day. He talks about the silly people he has to deal with. 'The public seems to think that I'm standing there ready to unload their carts, add up the bill and reload their carts. They think they should get first attention even if I'm waiting on some one else. It's all ME ME ME! I'm so sick of it!'

Weezy stirs her coffee and continues to listen. 'Yes dear'

'What's the world coming to when folks can't wait for me to finish with one customer before they say 'I just have one question!'

'What's that dear?'

'What? Were you even listening to me?'

Weezy thinks for a second. 'Of course dear, I always listen to you. What part didn't you think I heard?'

'If I tell you again, I won't know if you were listening.'

Weezy smiled. 'Now that's silly. I distinctly heard you say 'I'm sick of being all about ME ME ME!'

Shermie choked on his coffee.

'Oh, did I give you the wrong cup?' Weezy looks over at her husband as he slips his hand in hers.

'No dear, my cup just runneth over again.'

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