Friday, February 18, 2011


You are approved!
Aren’t those words wonderful to hear? We don’t realize it consciously, but we all need to hear those words from time to time. Yet, how often do we take the time to be an encourager? It is easy to find fault, but what if we were to look with the eye of approval rather than looking for the imperfection?
Many people have listened to discouragement and demeaning words from the very people that they look to for approval. They go through life in a constant state of over achieving to seek after that which could be easily attained by one person alone. Jesus!
I was raised in a home where we all got praise and encouragement. When I left home and entered the world, it was a shock to find critical people who did not compliment or encourage. I saw only a critical spirit in the world. It had never occurred to me that I would need approval in this way. For years I looked for words of encouragement and found left handed compliments and little encouragement. When I began to seek after the Lord Jesus though, every thing changed. I read encouraging words all over the bible. I heard the people in the church give our encouragement and approval freely. I learned the difference between flattery that lifts the ego and encouragement that lifts the spirit.

There is a place in each of us that can only be filled by God’s approval. For many, they seek after what they do not understand. They are looking for man’s approval that is here today and gone tomorrow. Some try to get it by doing good deeds that they hope will be noticed. Others try to buy it. Still others compromise their very character in a wish to get approval. I came to a place where I no longer sought after the approval of man. Instead, I started to enjoy being an encourager. I found I was seeing things through different eyes. Those eyes saw the perfection amidst the imperfect. The flowers among the weeds.

Yet, when we seek first the kingdom of God we learn to delight ourselves in things above rather than things that won’t last.
Our need for approval is often met as we encourage others. As we forget about ourselves and look up for our approval and accolades, we are fulfilled in a way no other man could possible fill the void.

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