Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lord, teach me to love

It matters little what I think, as I look at those around
If I can't love them as you would, I can't share the God I've found.
Help me to look beyond their sin, the liar, the thief, the addict
What good is my judgement if I show no mercy, just a cobweb in the attic
I know the lost will never come and knock upon my door
Wherever I go is a mission field. And still I ask once more
Help keep my judging thoughts away, whatever they're made of
Let my heart shine for you today, Lord teach me how to love
For I can't bear the name of 'Christian' if my eyes see only their sin
Lord keep my heart an open vessel and pour your love within
Let my words be spoken in truth and straight from up above
Above all things I ask dear Lord, teach me how to love

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