Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Fats, Bad Fats...Kohlrabi? What's that?

Shermie sat listening to his doctor talk about excersize and losing weight with little interest. He was depressed and didn't care about anything. Meanwhile, in another doctor's office; Weezy was listening to the doctor teach her what her borderline cholesterol count meant. Her family had a history of heart disease and hardening of the arteries because of plaque build up. This causes confusion as well. Weezy has short term memory problems due to side effects from epilepsy. Yet, she sat listening and was intrigued by what her doctor said.

She learned that she needed to eat protein several times a day in small portions. 'I don't want you on a low fat diet. There are good fats that your body needs. No diet to lose weight! Your weight is fine. I've taken care of too many skinny ill patients! Here is a list of what I want you to put on your grocery list.'

Weezy looked at the papers she was given as Shermie drove home. 'What's that?' he asked.

'It's so fascinating Sherm! I have to start eating more vegetables and get the carbs I need from the vegetables and not the low fat multi grain muffins and cookies.'

Sherm was silent as she read off the notes. 'To sustain health, you need to do more than lose weight.' The doctor said my excersize program is working well but the cholesterol is borderline.'

Shermie said, 'uh huh'.

'Lightly steamed, stirred fried or sauteed is fine. Do not eat tossed salads each day. Leave out the iceberg lettuce and go for the darker leaves. It is easier to digest one type of fruit at a time on an empty stomach. Fruit is important. Make sure you get the right kinds of fats.'

The following day found the middle aged couple strolling through the vegetable isle of the market. Shermie pushed the cart as Weezy followed along with her cane. 'It's silly really Sherm! Here we are grown adults who raised 2 kids and now we're just learning what to eat.'

Shermie was silent as he looked down the list. 'What's this?' he asked as he saw something Weezy had written.

'Oh, that is something I looked up online. It's the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our budget won't get a sock in the teeth if we remember to buy what is seasonal. This month its papayas, cauliflower, broccoli,oranges...'

'Uh huh, I get it. What's this?' He pointed to something else Weezy had added.

'It's the good fats we are to have. Butter, olive oil,coconut oil, fish oil. They are helpful in controlling ADD and ADHD. They give us energy and help with brain function. A low fat diet causes depletion of vital hormones.'

'Ok, I get it. So, we're talking brain food! I've seen some of these vegetables before. Asparagus, spinach, string beans. But I'm not eating bamboo shoots or bok choy whatever.'

Weezy looked over the fresh cabbage and cauliflower. 'No silly, I'm just getting a few things at a time. I can substitute cauliflower for mashed potatoes. Plus, I use it in a stir fry with carrots and broccoli. I can even sprinkle shredded sharp cheese on top.'

Shermie laughed. 'I'm thrilled! So now, I have no idea what I'm eating. What is that?' He pointed to the kohlrabi in the cooler.

'oh Shermie, I don't know. I'm buying bell peppers! Stop worrying! I'm getting sweet potatoes too, it's on the list!'

Weezy continued to shop and picked up ground turkey, tilapia,chicken and tuna. Shermie made a face when he saw the fish. 'You will love it!' Weezy promised.

After picking up oranges and papayas they headed for the checkout. The clerk smiled and said 'hi, how are you today?'

Shermie looked thoughtful a moment and said. 'I'm not sure.'
He looked down into the cart and smiled. There was his favorites, almonds,three different kinds of cheese,and even whole milk.' He was quiet thinking his wife had made a mistake.

When they were on the way home, he said. 'Do you know you got the whole milk?'

Weezy laughed. Yes, didn't you read those papers I gave you? Low fat milk has more sugar!'

'I feel like I am back in school!'

Weezy smiled. 'Well, we used to do our schoolwork together years ago. I guess we're still staying after school!

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