Friday, December 3, 2010

Weezy and Shermie mail out Christmas gifts

"Weezy, make sure you have all of the presents wrapped and tagged by the time I return." Shermie said as he went out the door.

Weezy assembled all of the gifts. She got the tape and paper and set to work. By the time Shermie had returned everything was bagged and tagged and ready to go.

"How much do you think this will cost?" he asked.
"I have no idea." It's only two boxes though, but one is going to be large.

Shermie went to the computer and went online to check out the best way to mail. Thirty minutes later he was yelling at the computer as Weezy was sipping her tea. She thought he was on the phone talking. As she walked to the office, she looked in. "Oh, were you talking to someone?"

"No, I guess we'll just go to the post office and get the information. I can't figure out the answers here."

"It took you a half hour to find that out?" Weezy shook her head but smiled sweetly.

Once at the post office a nice worker came over to help because the line was getting slow. "I can help anyone with a debit card or finding the right box" Shermie smiled and asked for help. After a few moments of checking what fit into what box, they had two boxes and were stuffing the presents inside.

Weezy panicked for a second. "Wait, what if I got them out of order and mixed them up? Let me check." After a few minutes everything was set.

Shermie reached over and grabbed what he thought was packing tape. It turned out to be 'First Class' tape. This meant they were going to pay more. "I can take it off if you want Shermie" Weezy began to tug.

"No, that's ok by the time I get the right tape it will be time for supper." Everything was weighed and taped and tagged again. Next, Shermie handed the address card to Weezy to write the addresses on.

As he fished out his debit card, Weezy wrote slowly in print. The ink smudged the 3, making it look like a B. She swiped it and tried again.

Soon, they were sliding the boxes down the shoot and leaving the post office. "Wow, all done with our Christmas shopping and it's only the first week of December!"

Weezy smiled up at Shermie. "Well, now we have Christmas cards to send, a birthday gift to buy and ...."

Shermie looked down at her. "Did I ever tell you about the first Christmas? No cards were sent. The present was wrapped in swaddling clothes and the post office lost the address so the three wise men came a few years late."

"Goodness" Weezy said. "How much were stamps back then?"

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