Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Year's Diet resolutions

Now that we have eaten the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas Ham along with stuffing, cranberry sauce and breads of every imagination...comes the New Year's Resolution. "I'm going to lose weight!"

My personal advice is this...make peace with yourself. If you suddenly discover that your thighs are moving to a beat all their own it's best to make peace with them. The extra roll of fat around the middle is not going to go away with an angry attitude.

Don't get angry and lose your head. When we go on fad diets and sudden crash diets we lose the race before we begin. Here is a few simple things I have learned. I am middle aged and short. I've tried every diet known to man and all I lost was a lot of money and peace of mind. It's not a quick fix that will make a long term difference.

1. Don't drink your calories. Alcohol is loaded with calories. Less is best, none is even better. Soda and sugary drinks give you calories. So, try water, unsweet decaf tea and black coffee.
2. Regular excersize. Walking for 15 min and work your way up to an hr a day. It gives you energy and improves blood circulation. We all know it's good for the heart. This is for those who are not inclined to be athletic. Apparently, that is over half the population of the United States. As I read the diet magazines that give us the quotas of over weight people; I'm inclined to suggest simple walking over buying those expensive excersize machines that end up as coat racks.
3. Portion your food. We the United States have gone 'Value Meal' crazy. Those huge portions in all the restaurants are really enough for a family of four in other countries. When you think of portion, think of the size of your fist. It's about the same size as your stomach.
4. Get enough sleep. I know it sounds nuts on a plan to lose weight but it works. When we stay up late and watch tv we tend to munch on carbohydrates. Plus, we are so tired in the a.m. that we eat thinking we need it for energy.
5. Eat breakfast like a rich man, lunch like a blue collar worker and supper like a pauper. In other words, eat a good breakfast, a snack for lunch and a light supper before bed.
6. Don't deny yourself certain foods. After the weight is off, your body will feel deprived and you will crave it and gain the weight again.
7.Seven is God's perfect number, so I am ending it with number seven. Thank God for body you have. Ask Him to help you keep it the temple of God. Don't just lose weight to look better and feel better. Do it to the glory of God!
This is what worked for me. I'm not skinny, or have a super model body. However, I lost 25 pounds a few years ago but that was only the beginning.
I gained a new life style of excersize, proper portions of foods and best of all freedom from diets, and peace of mind. God bless and Happy New Year's!

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