Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year, a new you!

The New Year is approaching and this morning as I looked in the bathroom mirror, I saw the old face. You know the one I mean? The hairs are a little different; a few wrinkles that the makeup hasn’t covered and inside I sense that some old ways still creep up on me.
The bible states, “Behold, I make all things new”. One of the great things about the Christian faith is that I am told to look up and not down. Yet, at times it’s good to ask the Lord to show you those areas that need work. No matter how wonderful we think we are, or how far we think we’ve come…we’re not there yet.
That’s why we should withhold our judgment on others. We point the finger and four more are pointed back at us. That is what I find myself doing at times. On this road of being a Christian I have learned that I can not change myself. I can only BE changed. As I look to the Lord and walk according to His purposes, He is changing me.
How easy it is to look around and have all the answers for others, and still not see the boulder in our own eye. I have grown tired of having a black eye. If I am to grow into the woman God intends for me to be, I must let go of what I think I know and grasp on to the Lord who really knows.
I can exercise, dye my hair, paint my nails and wear the best of clothes to make the outside look good. Yet, if my inside is still a mess I will be found lacking. God is not interested in me making myself over. He’s more interested in making me into the woman that His own blue prints have in mind.
In His mercy, I have been given a glimpse of some areas that need more work. It’s no use stalling, I have not received condemnation from Him. He’s cheering me on to a higher road. Now, I am taking time out to look up and ask Him to guide me in His own ways. The word of God lacks no wisdom, I look there.
Though I spend a lot of time doing things for others in His name, and proclaiming His name with worship and praise…nothing I do will be worth anything if I do not allow Him to change me. It’s done through a relationship with Him. It’s listening to that soft spoken word of the Holy Spirit and not leaning on my own understanding. When we stay close to Him, we hear him. We see through His eyes and love others the way we should. We will always be made into something NEW.

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