Thursday, December 23, 2010

Special Delivery at Christmas

Kevin is Weezy and Sherm's mailman. He covers a route that consists of the over 210 unit apartment complex they live in,plus a 2 mile radius around the complex. In the last few years, Weezy and Shermie learned that Kevin is a Christian.

He shows his love for Jesus in the way he shows his patience and courtesy to all. When his church has something going on he invites people to come to his church for activities without pressure. He told of a rock band that sings for Jesus. Weezy and Shermie have gone to his church to shop when they had rummage sales. He even spoke to Weezy about selling some of her crocheted crafts there. It is an idea that she might do next year. He always has something possitive and friendly to say.

During the day, Kevin watches as Weezy walks all over the apartment complex. She explained that she 'prayer walks' the area. Kevin smiled at her, and prays silently also as he delivers the mail. The neighbors know him and love to see him.

Kevin was the first one to deliver his own Christmas card to Shermie and Weezy. Shermie smiled and said, "I want to surprise Kevin this year. I'm going to pick up a little something and deliver it to him." In the next few days, Shermie did just that. Weezy's job was to watch for Kevin as he came to deliver the mail and report to Shermie.

When the time came, Shermie went out and delivered a package to the mailman. They thought that the mission was over. Yet, in a few days they received another card from the mailman. It was a Christmas thank you card. "Just goes to prove, you can't out deliver a mailman." Weezy said.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could carry on a competition to show love every day of the year? Merry Christmas!

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