Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hard Candy Christmas

Each Christmas season Shermie and Weez visit the Christmas Candy isle of every supermarket and store. They seldom buy much, but they have a Christmas bowl that decorates their end table and like to fill it with hard candy.

While they watch the news, they can be found unwrapping a little sweet and popping it in their mouth. Sometimes, it's sugarless, but usually in a Christmas color. Cinnamon red candies were soon filling the bowl.

One day a week later Weezy complained that there were empty wrappers not just from the candies, but other things too. "Who is using this as a trash can?" she demanded to know.

"It must be you! We don't have kids anymore and your the only one here other than me. I didn't do it!" Shermie put on his innocent face.

Weezy wasn't fooled. "Oh you, I bet it's been you for the past 35 years and I always blamed the kids! You got some explaining to do Shermie!"

'You probably did it yourself but don't remember. You know you have short term memory problems! Yeah, that's it!" Shermie sat back and grabbed the newspaper to read.

Weezy got up and tried to remember if she'd ever done it. "No," she thought "I know he's the one."

She sat back down and watched the weather forecast. "You look awful guilty you know behind that paper! I'm thinking of putting you on Santa's naughty list!"

"Maybe HE put the empty wrappers in there all these years. Ever think of that!" Shermie mumbled behind the paper.

"I can't believe you sometimes!" Weezy scoffed.

"Well, any guy who lays a finger beside his nose and goes up the chimney isn't all that worried about throwing trash around!" Their giggles could be heard all the way upstairs!

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