Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Fruitcakes

Recently I had a wonderful conversation with my eldest sister. We spoke of how precious our relationships are. It wasn't always so easy to say that. At this time of Christmas and Thanksgiving, many are wondering how to best challenge the prospect of even speaking to their family members. The strange fruitcake family members and the drama nuts.

It can be quite stressful for the estranged ones.

Well, I have a message for the world. All families are strange. Just a batch of fruitcakes and nuts. When we look at our cousins or siblings and see the odd traits that sometimes inspire us to run the other way...just remember that the same God who made you, made them also.

As a parent we might wonder how our children became so different. Might I inspire you? Adam and Eve were the first parents...and one of their children killed the other. We can't always know what our children will do. But, we can always inspire them by the love we show in front of them, and to them.

The bible speaks clearly that we are to be at peace as much as possible.

'Be ye kind one to another...tender hearted forgiving one another...even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.' The bible never said to be doormats, just kind and forgiving with a tender heart. That is a message for all year.

We'd like to think our family is unique with all the fruit cakes and nuts to spare. Perhaps we stay away from our family in hopes we won't catch the fruity nuts disease. But, we are all strange.

We also tend to think of those bible characters as more than what they were. If King David had been our sibling I can guarantee we'd think he was strange.

Even Jesus brothers didn't recognize the God in him. So, this Christmas when you want the old fashioned Christmas cheer but not the drama and crazy old cousin Morris...stop and remember that no family is perfect. We're all nutty and fruity.

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