Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does God fit into Your life's plan or do You fit into His the Christmas?

Does God fit into your life’s plan or do you fit into His this Christmas?

Years ago I remember hearing a friend speak of the expected crowd for Easter Sunday. ‘Beginner’s Sunday’ he called it. That is the day when many bought fine clothes and made reservations at restaurants and showed up in church. They sometimes wanted to be seen. Other times, they felt it was time to ‘Fit’ God into their plans.

The same can be said for Christmas. The bright lights, the dancing snowmen and the empty wallets remind us that a ‘Religious’ time is here. For many it’s a time to fit God into our space and lifestyle. As I was prayer walking the neighborhood I felt the Lord give me the title to this ‘Encouraging Word’ . Always I’ve made sure there was a place for Jesus in my life. But, was I just fitting Him in? Or, was I fitting into His plan?

I strolled around the neighborhood catching some cool crisp breezes and enjoying a sunny day. It’s seldom hard to run into people and I usually say hello. I was rewarded that day by speaking to two people from opposite ends of the neighborhood. How we got onto the topic of the Lord is God’s business. I just go as the spirit leads. I was fascinated when I asked about their faith. A young woman who was walking her dog told me, “I really don’t have time to fit that in right now. I mean, I believe but I’m working a 40 hr week and raising two kids alone.” I wanted to say more but she suddenly jerked the dog around and said ‘See ya’.

There was so much I could have said. But, it has to be the Lord’s words and not mine. Perhaps, the seed was planted and someone else will water it. I left it there and kept walking. I ran into a woman I met at the pool over the summer. Once again, the topic of God came up. She was excited about what she was doing in her church. She sings in the choir. “So, you like having God in your life.” I said.

“Yes” she replied. “Why?” I asked. “Well, I’m a good person and people look up to me in church.” She went on and on and I realized that she had found herself with an image of God that fit into her lifestyle. That is, it gave her importance and a pedestal in which to portray herself in a good light.

I’ve always been told that God has a plan for my life. Yet, that plan is based on my own will. I can be obedient and submit to Him or I can make my own plan and fit Him in wherever I have a open spot.

This Christmas as I see the world through the eyes of a television or internet…I can see the stress and cloudy view that folks have around the holidays. It’s a time where the retailers are pushing and the paychecks are dwindling.

Some want the storybook picture of a Currier and Ives Christmas and work to obtain the illusive. That is why the day after Christmas is busier than any other day. Everyone is returning their gifts. The thrill is gone.

What was God’s plan for us on that first Christmas? Do we fit into it? The greatest gift was not wrapped in pretty paper. The Christ child came to die so that all that believe could have ever lasting life. It’s been clouded through the years. We worry about the big dinner, the amount of toys, will our family have as much as the ‘Jones’?

Somehow, the reality of the day is not able to fit in. Or, it’s distorted in the way we fit God in. So, how can we possibly fit into His plan?

This Christmas, put Christ first. Beyond the gift giving, the parties, the dinners...celebrate the greatest gift.

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