Friday, October 8, 2010

How to get your spouse to do things...

Recently Sherm went in for cataract surgery. While the surgery didn't last long, Weezy sat in the waiting room thumbing through a magazine. She came across an article about how to get your spouse to help around the house. In a fast world where both husbands and wives work, it never occurred to Weezy that there was a formula to get your husband to help out.

There were a few techniques. #1 was not to get upset and yell at your spouse. Weezy thought back to her first few years of marriage. "Sherm! Take out the trash!" She would yell as she chased after the two babies. The trash remained where it was until she got tired of the smell and took it out herself. #2 According to the article in the magazine , she should have told her husband that it was too heavy for her to lift. Weezy smiled as she thought of that one. 'Imagine that!' she thought. 'I'm just not strong enough to lift a plastic bag filled with rotten garbage and papers.' She lingered over this long enough to imagine Sherm's response. 'Did your arms fall off?' he would have said.

The next technique was a little better. #3 It said that men liked to be stroked. 'No that wouldn't work. He'd get mixed signals and the trash would never get out.' she thought. The article said that you should touch your spouse whenever you speak to them. Weezy sat back and put her finger on the page for a moment to think. She and Sherm had been married for over thirty years now. They were a very loving couple. 'I think this is manipulation',she thought. She had a vision of herself smoothing her hand down his chest. 'Oh Sherm, about the trash...I'm too weak to do it.' She began to giggle.

Then the final technique caused her to close the magazine. #4 It was all about using a reward system to get jobs done around the house. Her body would be his reward. I Corinthians chapter 7 talks about this in great detail. verse 4 says 'The wife's body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband's body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife. Do not deprive each other escept by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer...'

When Shermy was home from his surgery and relaxing on the patio...Weezy told him about the article. The two of them laughed for a long time. "Whatever happened to just being honest? If two people love each other all they have to do is ask."

"Yeah, and if they love each other they won't ask for more than the other can give. They will think of the other before themself. We still goof it up sometimes though huh?"

Shermy stretched out on the lounger and was silent a moment. Weezy thought he fell asleep. Weezy reached over and touched his arm. 'Well, something can be said for #3 though.' Weezy's mouth flew open with a reply but nothing came out. Shermy was grinning and looked like a pirate with the badage over one eye. "Want a glass of ice water Shermy?"

'Thanks Weezy! I didn't even have to ask that time.' He remained grinning with his eyes closed. Weezy smiled back. 'The world sure works hard to achieve what you get from a simple smile.'

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