Sunday, October 31, 2010

God Bless our Military this Holiday Season

Maybe you're a relative, or perhaps a friend
You are far away but our love we send
It's in every prayer, behind every smile
You are never forgotten...not even for a while

You are doing your best in a place far away
We pray you'll be home soon, and home to stay
Perhaps your among friends or feeling alone
The Lord is there with you and He's guiding you home

Maybe it's a neighbor or acquaintance at school
Just know someone is praying and we thank God for you
For while you are walking through roads far away
We are thanking God for soldiers who fight for us each day

The Holiday season is coming and you are on our mind
We are praying God's blessing, the best you can find
Remember you are treasured not just for what you do
You are loved beyond measure by the God who made you

We will never take for granted the freedom we share
It's from soldiers like you who we know really care
You obey orders each day and sometimes carry a gun
In our hearts you are victorious before the battle is won

It goes far beyond patriotism, and more like family
For every man and woman who is in the military
You are not forgotten and I pray you will see
The reason for the season walks with you and me!

Thanks for all you've done and are doing! God bless you!

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