Saturday, October 16, 2010

Don't wait for a third it the first time

Sherm and Weez had seen this many times. A young mother is trying to get her child to do something. "I'm going to count to three. If you don't do it, your gonna be in big trouble young lady. One...." The child looks up and continues to disobey. "Two..." The child sighs and stares at the woman. "Three..." Still nothing. Sherm and Weez wink at each other and move on. From a distance they can hear.."Three and a half..."

Mothers and Fathers of the world. Listen up! The time for a child to listen and obey is the first time you speak. A reminder of punishment to begin after three times is a green light to not obey until three arrives. For some, it's a three and half!

God expects his children to listen after the first time he speaks as well. He is patient and continues to speak to us in that still quiet gentle way, but we harden our hearts each time we do not listen. Each time we disobey it becomes easier to shut our spiritual ears and soon we don't hear Him at all.

When disaster strikes due to our own disobedience we are heard to say, "God where were you?"

Teach your children to obey after one word from you, and discipline yourself at the same time to listen for God's word. When He speaks, obey Him quickly. He might speak again but you might be all ready in trouble by then.

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