Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In rich times and poor times

I can remember the day when I drove my brand new car off of the car dealership parking lot. The new car smell wafted into my senses as I opened the car door. I had chosen the color and the make of car. It was a Ford Tempo in navy blue with lighter blue interior. Power brakes, a/c, automatic steering, and all of the bells and whistles. I drove that car until my daughter got her driver's license and then gave the then used car to her.

Now it is years later and a world of change has occurred in our lives. Our truck is no longer new and we don't wish to have a car payment added to our finances. So, my husband fixes it up or we do without a few things. The economy has changed and so have we. It's not that we don't still love the new car appeal. But it's not feasible at this time.

The bible says to 'Bless the Lord at all times'. Sometimes it is a glorious time, other times are leaner.

To date, we have had to add a new windshield to our jalopy when a golf ball flew into it. We've changed the tires and tried to fix the air conditioning to no avail.

The paint is peeling and the radio does not work. The exhaust has been fixed as well as the radiator. Today, we went out to breakfast. On his way out of the car, my husband found he could not get his door to open. So, we laughed as he climbed over and got out the passenger side.

During breakfast we talked about our alternatives. My husband felt that he could probably fix the door to the truck. So, after we returned home he took a look at it and sure enough he was able to fix it up again.

During this time of economic crisis we have heard the saying, 'Make do, fix it up and if you can't fix it try to do without'. I do not believe the Lord ever has let us go without what we needed. We as a nation have had to lean on creativity during times of need. Those times have often brought some amazing inventions.

It's all in the attitude. If we go through these hard times with the attitude of poverty depression, we will not accomplish anything. Yet we can still be rich in our attitude even when our pockets are empty. We never need to deny the truth, or why we are in this mess.

My husband and I made bad choices, as did this nation. Yet, if we keep the attitude of being rich in creativity and keep a rich sense of joy while going through the bad times; we will come out fine.

The road we are traveling is not just a means to an end. We can enjoy the trip even when it is full of pot holes. I have a friend who talks of mud bogging. A totally foreign language to this woman. Yet, I see the videos of folks in mud soaked vehicles going through rough terrain and I know that is somehow how we are living at this time.

Being poor is not fun. But, joy and laughter can ease the journey. Having the attitude of gratitude is essential. I know that encouraging words won't fill our pockets and make us rich. Yet, being rich in peace, joy, and hope can take us far. Knowing the One who hands down those blessings is the key. "I will bless the Lord at all times"

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