Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flu Season with Weezy and Shermy

Weezy sat in her chair on the patio and enjoyed the quietness. It was in Florida. The neighbor's children were off to school and the humid weather was gone for the moment. She could sense the change of season even though the weather was still in the high eighties.

Suddenly a cool breeze blew through the patio setting off the 5 wind chimes that Shermy had hung up. The patio was his domain in this apartment complex. Tropical plants lined the concrete pad outside their apartment. Hanging plants of all sorts hung from the rafters. Five palm trees of varying sizes and sort stood on all four corners of their tropical patio garden.

Suddenly, Weezy remembered those days in NY when at this very moment she would come down with the flu. As Weezy smelled her upstairs neighbor's cigarrette, she thought of times gone by.

Times when she and Shermy had called in from work with the flu. Both lay in lounge chairs in their bathrobes and slippers sipping tea. The humidifier would be on. They would watch videos with their feet up and pass the tissue box. Neither was able to stand the thought of cooking anything but chicken soup from a can. So, they ordered take out. Big mistake.

They sat looking at the pizza and felt nauseas. Weezy's temperature soared to 101 as she stared at Shermy's pastey white face. It was a mad dash for the bathroom and the pizza was put in the fridge, never to be seen for at least a week.

Antiobiotics were taken. For the middle aged couple, it was a chore to take more medicine than their daily regiment. The medicine made them sleepy. So, they sat dozing and watching reruns of the David Letterman show. Waking up to get a tissue or sip something hot.

Weezy always made it to laryngitis while Shermy's stomach sang it's tune to the great white sewer God.

35 years of marriage and many illnesses had taught this couple the meaning of 'In sickness and in health'.

Weezy smiled as she sipped her green tea and remembered a husband who bathed her in ice once. He would have made a great doctor with his bedside manner so gentle. He on the other hand was horrible when ill. Weezy once threw a wet washcloth at him. She smiled in remembrance.

Then there was the time they took each other's meds by accident. Weezy had phoned the doctor and they hung up on her because they couldn't hear with her laryngitis. Shermy ended up making the call and sneezed all over the phone. Thank God for Lysol spray. No harm done. The intestines went into overdrive but it was the flu after all.

Ahh, married life. Even in flu season it had it's moments. If you have to be sick this season, be thankful if you have someone to be sick with. It makes memories.

Weezy continued to sip her tea and thanked God for it all.

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