Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dare to be like Daniel

I Peter 3:1 was a particular promise for this woman many years ago. I had married a wonderful guy, who did not follow the Lord. I wasn't following much either though at first, but when I came to the end of myself I knew I had a problem. You see, we suddenly were living in two different places. I wanted to go after the things of God, and he wanted to continue with where we were.

We weren't doing anything illegal or had any addictive habits. But, there was a missing ingredient to our marriage and I knew it could only be filled by the Lord. It was that peace that passes understanding. God had revealed his holiness to me in a special way. I suddenly became aware of a whole new world.

It was a world with forgiveness, reconcilliation, hope for tomorrow, promises of eternity and joy amidst the daily grind of life. I had the option of relying on God to fulfill my needs or to try to do it myself. After so many years of dead ends with my own ideas; I reached out and took hold of Christ.

When Daniel took hold of God, he stood alone. The King's decree to worship no other God but him, forced Daniel to make a choice. He chose to worship God Almighty. That is why he was thrown into the lion's den. Life at home went a little prickly as I chose to serve Jesus. Yet, I knew that Jesus was forever and today is only a short while. I knew that Jesus was above all powers and that He was the one who would hold 'the lion's mouth shut' as I stepped out in Jesus name, alone.

I Peter 3:1 says this...'Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives.' I could not preach to my husband. He asked me one day 'Why is it so important for you to read that bible and go to church?'

I answered without thinking. 'I want to learn to be a good wife to you. I don't really know how yet. I'm learning here.' The Lord spoke to me after that. I did not speak to my husband about the Lord. I showed him by my actions the change that the Lord made in me.

It was little things at first. He used ot go out to breakfast each day. I began to cook it at home and serve it to him. I got ready for church without asking him to go with me. I took a stand for Christ in that I said, 'I will go with or without you. But, I will go. I will follow Christ not just on Sundays but by being obedient to what the bible says for me to do.'

I still worked full time, cleaned house, fixed meals and did the usual things. But, I did it with joy. I began to pray fervently for him, rather than preach to him. The Lord showed me how to shower blessings and love on him.

Today, he belongs to Jesus. He's a great guy, a super husband and the changes are too many to list. God reminded me over and over of I Peter 3:1 and he still does. No marriage is perfect. But, if you aren't following the Lord it is your fault and no one elses. This means going to be with other Christians by yourself sometimes. Sitting alone in church isn't fun. But, someone is watching you. That spouse that won't budge is watching to see if you will hold on to your faith. The King watched God shut the lion's mouth for Daniel. He proclaimed Daniel's God to be the one true God. Dare to be like Daniel in your own home.

No matter if your spouse never changes, remember stand alone when you stand before God. What will you say? I couldn't be a faithful person because of my spouse? Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand alone.

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