Thursday, September 2, 2010

'and the two shall be as one'

Weezy got up early per usual and fixed oatmeal for Shermie's breakfast. She sliced an orange and a banana to go with it. It's a usual routine that the middle aged married couple do each morning.

Soon, Shermie was off to work and Weezy went about her life as usual until about 8a.m. She went to clean the bathroom and noticed the toothpaste missing. "Now, why did my husband hide the toothpaste? Oh, did he need it for something and take it with him?" She searched all through the apartment to no avail. Finally, she just continued to clean the bathroom and when she went to get her cleanser under the sink, there lay the toothpaste. She knew she must have put it there herself but didn't remember.

The bathroom was done and next she made up the bed. Per usual she turned the ceiling fan on and went to spray some air freshener around. But, the air freshener can was no where to be found. 10 minutes later and tired of looking, she went to the pantry to grab a tea bag for a cup of tea. That's when she found the air freshener can sitting next to the tea.

When Shermie came home for lunch tired and out of sorts, he listened to his wife talk about spending the morning in search of things she had misplaced. She rattled on about the neighbors and upstairs dog wearing a lampshade collar after his operation, while Shermie ate his sandwich. He went to reach for the tv remote as he usually watched the news while he ate.

But, he couldn't find the remote. He sat there a moment and looked around the living room. "I can't find the remote."

Weezy got up and began searching. Shermie got up and looked as well. Finally they gave up and just turned the tv on the old fashioned way and went back to their lunch.

When Shermie was through, he sat in his recliner and that's when he felt it. The remote was wedged between the armrest and the seatcushion. "Ummm, hon? Don't worry about finding the remote. It's right where I left it."

Weezy smiled. "Soul mates forever!" Shermie answered "Yeah, we're going to be looking for lost stuff forever!" The neighbors heard the sound of laughter as Shermie went to his truck that day. "I hope you can find your way home Shermie, cause I don't know the way!"

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