Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marriage Chuckles

It was a hot afternoon as Weezy brought out ice water with lemon for Shermie. She sat with him on the patio. 'It is so nice out here Shermie. You did a great job with the plants and everything. It's a little piece of tropical heaven.'

Shermie sipped his water and smiled. 'I used to watch my father putter around the house doing this stuff and think 'Why does he waste so much time on repotting plants, painting, and raking. He should go off and do something fun.' He laughed. 'Now, on my days off I love to putter around this tiny patio. It's relaxing.'

Just then a group of 20 something girls walked by. Weezy waited until they were out of earshot before turning to her hubby. "Shermie, do you like the way these girls dress now days? It seems they like to show off those pudgy soft bellies. I can't help but think it looks like a souffle' around their middle. When I was young I wouldn't be caught dead with a big tummy hanging over my jeans."

Shermie almost choked on his water. 'Now you really sound like your mother. I remember when hip huggers were the style and your mom used to always want you to pull your pants up. True you could drop a dime on the tummy, but then you always showed it too. Remember those famous halter tops?"

The fiftyish couple laughed remembering their parents ways. "How did we turn into our parents?"

"Well, the bible says 'Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is OLD he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

'Oh no, we must be old' said Weezy. 'Want to kiss an old man happy?' said Shermie.

Just then the upstairs elderly woman came down to walk her dog. "You kids, always kissing. Why in my day..."

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