Sunday, August 22, 2010

Showers of Blessing or 'Keep on Truckin'

Sherm and Weez love to get up early and watch the sunrise. They only live 6-8 miles from the coast. Depending on which route Sherm takes to get there. The sunrise is beautiful even if it is cloudy.

Times are tough these days with money scarce and time with Sherm limited. He works 40 hrs a week and the couple try to find things to do that are low cost. Their old jalopy has seen better days. Yet, Sherm trys to keep it together for as long as possible.

The air conditioning doesn't work so they drive with the windows down. Weezy's curly hair blows in the breeze so she keeps a brush and comb handy when they decide to stop.

Sherm tried to fix the air conditioning. He tore apart the dash and realized it would be more costly than their budget would allow for this time. So, he reapplied the dash.

Now, the radio doesn't work. There is no sense complaining and so the couple just laugh it off. Today was a bit rainy so Sherm reminded Weezy to crank the window shut and lock the door before they went to sit on a bench on the beach.

The seagulls were flying, and the palm trees blowing. The sound of the ocean was all Weezy could hear.

When it started to sprinkle they returned to their old faithful truck. That is when Weezy realized she had indeed locked the car door, but left the window down.

They were twice blessed. First, because it had only been sprinkling, and two because fresh air was in the truck.

Sherm shakes his head and Weezy just smiles. 'Nice day huh?'

"Weez, someone could have stolen the truck!"
Weezy smiles "I've been praying for showers of blessings!"

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