Thursday, August 12, 2010

Follow the one who GIVES the Gifts, not the Gifted

We are always so thrilled when we see someone who has been on television or in the movies. They are the stars, the ones gifted with a talent to act or to speak. Why some even go to them and look for answers to political and spiritual questions. The church is not immune to hero worship.

We find a speaker who is funny or charismatic and annointed to teach or preach and we want to follow that person. We find one who can sing and admire his giftings and so we want to follow along with that person's thoughts.

We humans are just naturally followers I guess. The Lord knew this and so he always spoke of his people as 'Sheep'. Sheep will follow the one who feeds them. They know the sound of the Shepherds voice.

How easily it is to get led astray though by the clever words or the smooth voice. We stand in awe of something that God gave to someone else.

We can stand in awe of things as well. I remember standing on the beach one day totally awe struck by the waves that came thundering to the shore and crashing around me and then receding into the depths of the sea. All of a sudden I thought, 'Wait a moment! I am in awe of the waves...yet I know the wavemaker!'

As we see gifted and talented people all over this world, let's not lose sight of the one who GAVE these gifts and talents. Let's not bow down to the annointed speaker, but to the one who gave the annointing in the first place.

His name is Jesus.

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