Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shermie's new look

Living in an apartment complex can be fun at times. Shermie receives many gifts from parting neighbors. Just last week Shermie inherited about 10 plants and an outdoor ceiling fan. Weez waited impatiently as Sherm put together the fan and hooked it up. The Florida breezes are slim on hot summer days and this fan made life on the patio much nicer.

The plants however were a nusiance for Weezy. She is claustrophobic and clutter makes her edgy. Yet, Shermie is happy with his new projects. Each day he repots an old plant and hangs plants around the patio. Some plants are for friends at church.

Meanwhile, they now posess six old milk crates and several odds and ends pots that are heaped into a corner of the tiny patio. There is a messy look to the place that gives the onlooker the idea that Shermie and Weezy are very messy people.

In another week it will look very pretty. That is what Shermie keeps promising. Meanwhile, Weezy sits in her lounge chair looking at the jungle. "This makes Shermie happy." she tells herself. "He loves a pet project" she reminds herself.

Then a small voice says..."Behold, I make all things new."

'Well, hurry up will ya?' Weezy prays as she sits on the crowded messy patio.

Yet, she knows you can't hurry God any more than you can hurry her husband. The end will be nice. She hopes.

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